Outdoor LED Bill Board

  • Application: Outdoor advertisements like commercial areas, hotels , markets
  • IP rate (IP 65 front & IP 54 back)- waterproof
  • High brightness and Contrast (5500nits – 6500nits)
  • Material: Steel / Magnesium
  • Maintenance Type: Front / Back
  • SMD / DIP

Outdoor LED Display Parameter Details

For marketing purposes, fixed Screens will actually serve you well if you want to get your product across a lot of potential customers

LED Out Door display has the following advantages

  • It is very easy and can change / updates the contents quickly compared to ordinary sign board.
  • More contents and creative ideas can add in your advertisement for better eye-catching.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Available in custom size.
  • High Brightness and Contract will attract the client easily
  • Water proof will lead to last the life