smd-VS-dip tricolor AV dubai LED Advertising Screen Dubai

There are two types of SMD LEDs, for indoor,

white SMD LED and black SMD LED, the Black SMD LEDs are used mostly for below 5mm pixel pitch, it is the best for Contrast. White SMD LED is good for Brightness.



At the same time, the maximum brightness of outdoor DIP can meet 8000nits, even if it is facing the sunlight directly and the max brightness of most SMD only can meet 6500 or less.

From the above figure, you can easily understand DIP or SMD.

DIP (Dual In-Line Package) needs more space than SMD (Surface Mounted Diode). In DIP one pixel means the combination of 3 LEDs (Red, Green, Blue). In the case of Life span, DIP is best.

Above 10mm Pixel Pitch you can go for DIP, and below 10mm better to choose SMD

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