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Tricolor LED is a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in Led Digital Video Display, LCD Video Wall, Projector, Kiosk, Audio System, Solar Smart Bench and Media Players. We take up the complete responsibility of a project that needs to be started from the scratches


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We are experts in providing distinctive and professional LED Digital signage formats that catch the attention you look for the great output

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Tricolor LED consists of diverse models available in a range of case designs for outdoor applications such as stadiums and public displays. We will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

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LED Screens come with lots of options and designs, that help our clients to make the perfect choice and get the perfect result at the end

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Here are some Useful Tips...

How to Choose the right LED Wall...!

Yes, if you are new in the field of digital LED Screen, you will struggle to choose the right LED Display, don’t worry we will help you! Here are some useful tips and comparisons for you to choose the LED Display.

Indoor or Outdoor

This is very easy to choose whether indoor LED Display or outdoor LED Display, but it is very important to take these into consideration while choosing the right one for your business

Brightness, Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, are the main factors when choosing Outdoor LED Display. More-than 6500 nits Brightness and above or Equal IP65 is demanding for Outdoor LED Display. Theoretically above P4 for Outdoor LED Display & below P4 for Indoor LED Display. However lately  P3 is also in consideration for Outdoor use

Viewing Distance & Pixel Pitch

Distance between the LED Screen and the Viewer is denoted as the Viewing Distance of LED Display. Distance between each LED (Pixels) is called Pixel Pitch. Viewing distance is directly proportional to Pixel Pitch, Approximately 1.25 Meter is considering equal to 1mm Pixels Pitch, that means, if you have 5-meter Viewing Distance, you have to select at least 4mm pixel pitch. See the above graph for your reference.


SMD LED, DIP LEDThere are two types of SMD LEDs, for indoor – White SMD LED and Black SMD LED. The Black SMD LEDs are used mostly for the 5mm pixel pitch; It is the best for Contrast. White SMD LED is good for Brightness

At the same time, maximum brightness of outdoor DIP can meet 8000nits, even if it is facing the sunlight directly and the max brightness of most SMD only can meet 6500 or less.

Click Here for the Illustration – DIP V/s SMD

DIP (Dual In-Line Package) needs more space than SMD (Surface Mounted Diode). In DIP one pixel means the combination of 3 LEDs (Red, Green, Blue). In the case of Life span, DIP is best.

Cabinet Material

When you are combining the cabinets, it is possible to get a narrow line between the modules, this will be visible in white mode pictures.

what we can do, to eliminate the lines?

There are 2 reasons for this misalignment

Cabinet Material – Before you buy the screen you should know the cabinet material. Die casting aluminum or Magnesium alloy is best for Cabinet making

Flatness: Lack of Flatness will lead to the misalignment of the screen, this may happen to reduce the viewing angle as well.

LED Screen Size

When you are planning to make a screen, you may be confused about the LED Screen size.

There are many factors that need to consider before fixing the LED Screen size.

Of course, the first will be your budget and available space but after that, you need to consider the same importance of auditorium size and viewing distance.

let us tell you an example,

consider the distance from the screen to the last row of an auditorium / Stage, lets’s take ‘L‘ and it is 25 meter

here we need to take the height of the LED screen as 1/6 to 1/10 of the “L

which means 4.16m  to 2.5m in height, now it’s easy to calculate the width of the LED Screen

To get the theatre ratio 16:9 or 16:10

here the width will be 7.36m to 4.42m as per the height taken.


  • Wi-Fi / Mobile /  Wireless controller
  • Wired / USB / LAN controller
  • Cloud-based controller

Mainly there are two types of Controlling methods

A real-time process, means it will display the content within no time delay. But you have to connect the device and the player all the time.
You can play from a laptop, cameras, desktop PC, etc. This can be done by using synchronous control card.

It doesn’t require an input source all the time to display the content. In this case LED screens always be able to work separately.

Once the control card receives contents from the player, it will save it on its memory and you can cut off the connection. It keeps playing the contents until you turn it off.

This is an ideal setup, if the control computer is very far from the LED display or if it is not convenient for wiring.